Educational tools &
didactic materials

We produce impactful and engaging education materials including:

  • videos and animations
  • interactive lectures
  • assessment tools
  • educational games
  • animated infographics

Didactic Workshops

Are you interested in learning about the latest techniques from instructors that have been successfully implementing them in their classroom? We conduct practical workshops that inspire and empower educators.

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Student motivation - Teaching and class management techniques that enhance student's engagement and overall motivation.

8hr - Workshop

Flipping the classroom - Practical strategies to effectively implement a flipped learning paradigm that increases student learning.

4hr - Workshop

Gamification - Learn how to effectively implement gamification elements to achieve higher engagement within your company or organization.

4hr - Workshop

Thoughtful course design - Best practices on how to prepare a course in the digital era. We will walk you through the different stages of course design, including the planning phase, the delivery phase, the choice of technology and how to meaningfully assess your participants' learning.

3X3hr - Workshop

Instructional design & consulting


We accompany schools, businesses and institutions through a variety of education related issues: from implementing a small e-learning program to redesigning a school curriculum, but also designing better teaching spaces or rethinking some of the ways a school interacts with its neighborhood.

IT Solutions

We help you implement the IT solution that best suits your needs:

  • we build course portals
  • we develop our own highly adabptable LMS
  • we help you adapt an open source LMS
  • we deliver offline applications
  • we design databases